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Missions Frontier is a Christian development organization providing administration and resources that encourage local initiative in business and education.

Missions Frontier is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that provides leadership, administration and support to the local people of Guatemala. Missions Frontier intentionally focuses their efforts on projects that will produce long-term solutions and are sustainable without on-going dependency on American funds. Missions Frontier seeks to empower God's people to fulfill His "Great Commission" by developing the gifts He has given each believer, by providing appropriate opportunities to utilize those gifts and skills, and by assisting with resources to support those opportunities. Missions Frontier is able to assist the local people of Chichicastenango through business development, education, home construction, medical clinics, and other community development projects. To find out more about missions frontier please visit website at www.missionsfrontier.org.


Self-sustaining Business Development. Dependency can be defined as the unhealthy reliance on foreign resources, personnel, and ideas, which stifles local initiative. Missions Frontier is intentional about creating opportunities and jobs with which the local people can support their families and their local churches. In Chichicastenango, the average worker supports 8-10 family members. (Employing one person theoretically supports 8-10 people.).....

CASA DEL REY HOTEL - The hotel is a vital hub for Missions Frontier, from which flow multiple ministries.. The hotel itself is the location for short term trips, conferences, a bilingual school, a school for missionary children, English camps for Guatemalan children/orphans a missionary church.  Each year over $300,000 has been poured into the local economy through normal business operations. The hotel has provided an additional $100,000 of direct financial support through the projects completed by short term mission teams. The hotel provides over 50 jobs for local residents at a wage dramatically higher than the average daily wage in the area.  In 2007, the Hotel Casa Del Rey was able to donate land for a New Water Tank to the city of Chichicastenango. www.hotelcasadelrey.com .

CAFE PADRINO - Through the purchase of Café Padrino coffee, the  Perez Plantation is able to improve the standard of living for their employees and their children, providing better housing, health care, training and education. Cafe Padrino is a division of Missions Frontier, Inc., a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Grown at the base of  the Acatenango and Fuego Volcanoes in the Acatenango Region of the Central Highlands of Guatemala.  Ideal rainfall patterns, high mountain ranges, and rich volcanic soil provide the perfect environment to grow one of the best gourmet  coffees of Guatemala.  Café Padrino gives the taster the richness of  elements to enjoy in a delicate balance of acidity, body and aroma.


We provide equipment support, provide channels for affordable prescription drugs, initiate and support medical teams and provide health care training. Medical clinics focus their efforts on reaching villages that have little access to physicians and hospitals and health care.


Aiding the local community through the construction of homes for those most in need.  Using the local Church, we construct homes for widows and families most in need. Community housing projects are designed to help families overcome the obstacles to home ownership by facilitating home loans and construction.

Casa Salazar is run by Jose and Shari Salazar with a mission to provide a stable and loving Christian based home for up to 8 displaced children.  The primary purpose of "Casa Salazar" is to provide children who are unable to remain in their natural birth homes because of extenuating circumstances, a safe and loving, stable Christian family environment that instills Christian values.  Casa Salazar is committed to raising each child until adulthood at which time we hope they can become positive role models and contributing members of the church and community.


Each year we host English camps for orphans, children from the Guatemala City Dump and other   special needs children.  While at camp, children have opportunity to learn English and experience their country and have a Christian summer camp experience.  While in Chichi, children enjoy games, campfires, devotions, swimming, excursions to Lake Atitlan,and of course -English Classes.


We arrange short-term mission opportunities for churches from the states.  Short term trips give groups an opportunity to use their individual gifts to serve the Guatemalan people, to aid the local Christian Church and to hear and see Christ at work in and through the Guatemalan people. Plan Trip

Mission Trip information http://www.missionsfrontier.org/missiontrips.html

QUESTIONS?… Email us…teams@missionsfrontier.org


The missionary community of Chich represents many ministries and a diversity of denominations. Through the pastoral ministries we seek to encourage and support individuals of the missionary community as they deepen and grow in their personal relationships with Christ. The pastoral ministries division of Missions Frontier provides weekly church services and Bible Studies for the missionary community. Missionary Community Church brings the missionary community together as we focus on our commonalities as the body of Christ. Our focus is to provide theologically sound Bible teaching while demonstrating sensitivity to specific denominational differences.


Missions Frontier continues to choose projects that partner mission teams with the local church and offer the opportunity for discipleship. Many local families have been blessed through the wooden houses, especially widows and single mothers. Communities have had the chance to receive medical and dental assistance. It’s wonderful to see children enjoying themselves, laughing and playing and hearing a Bible message that touches their hearts and the hearts of their families as well. Thank you to the many teams from the USA and Canada who come to Guatemala to share time with the local people of Chichi.




Mission Trips give the opportunity to take a step of obedience in faith and use our God given gifts to serve the Guatemalan people, to aid the local Christian Church and to see Christ at work in and through the Guatemalan people. Mission trips provide an incredible, life changing experience for everyone involved. Read some of the personal stories and experiences of others who have participated in a short-term trip to Guatemala.... MISSION TRIP STORIES AND EXPERIENCES

Missions Frontier arranges and hosts short-term mission trips for teams from the United States. The ministry owns and operates a hotel in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. While in Chichi, teams stay at the Hotel Casa Del Rey. Profits from the hotel go toward local ministry. HOTEL CASA DEL REY



reforestation guatemala

Recent statistics report that between 1990 and 2010, Guatemala lost 23.0% of its forest coverage.  Deforestation continues to be a growing problem for the natural resources of the country. 

Reforestation is one of our recent projects that we are able to offer to mission teams who want to get involved. Missions Frontier wants to take an active role in protecting the environment that God has given us. As we consume trees to construct houses, we feel it is our responsibility to help in the reforestation of Guatemala. Reforestation provides a good opportunity to involve the local church and allows us to work together as good stewards with the resources God has given to us.

This year we were able to share this project with a group of students who were interested in reforestation as a school project. On the day of reforestation, the school group came to the church and learned about the purpose of reforestation from a biblical perspective.


chicken coop

June marked the beginning of the chicken  coop project.  The idea germinated from the desire to bring economic development to the people in the community. Pastors from a local church approached Missions Frontier with the idea to help the people grow economically via chicken coops.  Pastors, who have received training in micro-business, will work with the chicken coop recipients and advise the to make good financial investments and decisions that will have long-term benefit. The chicken coop project consists of giving a family: 50 chickens, a coop, and 200 pounds of feed. We are very happy to be partnering with a local body of believers who are interested in living authentic Christian lives and understand the concept of looking to the needs of others.



There are many different ways we can try to improve the health care in rural Guatemala. One way we can help prevent the spread of disease is by providing latrines and educating families on their use.  We will begin constructing latrines in the coming year. 


Each year we host English camps for orphans, children from the Guatemala City Dump and other special needs children. While at camp, children have the opportunity to learn English and experience the joy of a Christian Summer Camp - games, campfires, Bible classes, worship time, swimming and English classes.


medical clinic

We provide equipment support, provide channels for affordable prescription drugs, initiate and support medical teams and provide health care training.


home construction

Aiding the local Christian Church through the construction of homes for those most in need. The average cost of a home is approximately $1600. Families unable to previously own land, now have opportunity to purchase land and own homes.

Building projects also allow the opportunity for local community to come together as they work toward a common goal.  This gives the community a sense of responsibility and ownership in their new homes. 

TEAM PHILOSOPHY - Its about God, not about us. Its about the relationships, not the projects.

Short-term trips provide an opportunity for individuals to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in their faith and in their relationships with God.


While we make every attempt to pair teams with projects that fit the members individual gifts, we will not get involved in projects that undermine the long-term goals and initiatives of the local people. We desire to support the local church in ways that will produce long-term solutions and are sustainable without on-going dependency on American funds.


We are always getting involved in new projects that can strengthen the local church. In determining which projects to become involved, the following questions serve as our criteria.

Does a project create dependency that stifles local initiative?  Can a project be sustained and duplicated without the ongoing financial support of foreigners?

Does a project assist or compete with other ministries?  Are we duplicating efforts where there is not a need?


Do you have some general questions about planning a trip? Check the Frequently Asked Questions




Ministry Links. The hotel Casa Del Rey and Cafe Padrino are ministries of Missions Frontier.Org Please visit our other sites for more information. http://www.missionsfrontier.org/kingdombusiness.html



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What  should be the goal of missions ?  Is it to help the poor, heal the sick, win the lost, to convert others to our idea of a Christian life…?  These are all useful  good things but none are the primary goal - the goal is to do God’s will and to be used for His purpose—testifying to the love of Christ and making disciples of all nations.    Oswald Chambers writes…” we tend to forget that the one great reason underneath all missionary work in not primarily the elevation of people, their education, nor their needs, but is first and the command of Jesus … go and make disciples of all nations.